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Choosing the Right Backseat: A Guide for Every Car Buyer

Whether you’re dealing with kids, dogs, or a full load of groceries, choosing the right backseat is crucial.

Looking for a car that keeps everyone happy in the back? Whether you’re dealing with kids, dogs, or a full load of groceries, choosing the right backseat is crucial. Let's break down what you should consider to ensure your car meets all your needs.

Types of Backseats and Their Advantages

  • Bench Seats: Old school but gold. They fit three people comfortably and are perfect for families.
  • Captain’s Chairs: Found in many SUVs and minivans, they offer superior individual comfort and easy access to the third row.
  • Adjustable Backseats: These allow passengers to adjust their seating position, perfect for long trips. And yes, they’re also great for a quick nap!

Things to Consider when Evaluating a Backseat

  • Roominess: Ever tried cramming into a tiny backseat? Not fun. Look for cars that offer plenty of legroom and headroom. It makes all the difference, especially on long road trips.
  • Accessibility: Features like wide-opening doors and low thresholds make getting in and out easier. Handles and grip bars can also help, especially for older adults or when securing children in car seats.
  • Materials: Got a drooly dog or a snack-dropping toddler? High-grade synthetic upholstery can save you hours of cleanup time.
  • Configuration: Options like 60/40 split seats offer versatility. Drop one part down for your skis or guitar, and still have room for a passenger or two.
  • Carseat-Readiness: For families with young children, the ease of installing carseats should be a major consideration. Make sure the LATCH anchors for child carseats are easily accessible, not hidden behind seat cushions, to avoid any installation hassles. And if you have three little ones, full-sized SUVs like the GMC Yukon or Honda Pilot are designed to fit three car seats across with room to spare.

Top Models Known for Exceptional Backseats

When it comes to selecting a vehicle with exceptional backseats, the options are varied, catering to families, pet owners, and adventure enthusiasts alike.

Family-friendly vehicles like the Kia Sorento and Toyota Highlander offer spacious and flexible interiors that are perfect for growing families.

The Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride stand out with their third-row seating, which can comfortably accommodate seven or more passengers, making them ideal for larger families or those needing extra space.

The Honda Odyssey continues to be a top pick for families due to its expansive seating and smart cargo solutions. Its versatile interior is designed to handle everything from daily commutes to family road trips with ease.

Pet owners might look towards the Ford Escape, known for its flat-folding seats and durable materials, which make it perfect for adventures with furry friends. The Subaru Forester is another great option, offering robust interiors and ample space for both pets and cargo.

For those seeking adventure, the Jeep Gladiator and Ford Bronco offer rugged capabilities mixed with practical features. The Gladiator, known for its open-air design and versatile bed, is ideal for hauling gear and transforming into a leisure space at a campsite. Adding to this category, the Honda Ridgeline presents innovative cargo solutions like an in-bed trunk, which is excellent for securing gear while maintaining easy access.

Choosing the right backseat is about more than just seats—it’s about making every journey a little better, whether it’s a trip to school or a cross-country adventure. Keep these tips in mind to pick a ride that’s a hit with everyone who hops in.

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