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Top 10 Best Used Sedans

If you’re in the market for a reliable used car, see our list of the 10 best sedans here.

When you’re shopping for a used car, one of the first things you have to decide is the type of vehicle that best fits your needs—such as a sedan, coupe, SUV, or truck. Out of these options, millions of people choose sedans because of their comfort, versatility, reliability, safety, and style. 
Deciding that you want a sedan is only the first step; however, next you have to consider the price, size, age, mileage, safety features, and reputation of potential vehicles to determine which sedan is right for you. 
Here are 10 sedans that rank among the best used cars to buy (in any category). 

The Best Used Mid-sized and Small Sedans 

Mid-sized sedans are the most common, usually equipped with V4 engines and adequate legroom and trunk space. Many also have smaller “sibling” versions that are a bit more compact and usually sell at a slightly lower price point. 
1.        Honda Accord and Honda Civic  
The Accord ranks at or near the top of countless best sedans lists—and best used car lists—year after year. Boasting durable Honda engines that can last 200,000 miles and above, older Accords can be found in the $15,000-$20,000 range, while newer pre-owned models will run upwards of $20,000. If you prefer a smaller sedan, the Honda Civic is equally well regarded and beloved by millions of drivers. 
2.        Toyota Camry, Toyota Camry Hybrid, and Toyota Corolla 
If the Honda Accord is the Coca-Cola of mid-sized sedans, the similarly priced Toyota Camry is the Pepsi (or vice versa). Few cars are as dependable as the Camry, which is known for its longevity, safety, and comfort. You can buy a Camry or Camry Hybrid from almost any year and breathe easy knowing that you’ve purchased a quality vehicle. The same applies to the Corolla, Toyota’s mainstay in the small sedan category. 
3.        Mazda6  
Another incredibly popular mid-sized sedan, the Mazda6 is seen as a bit sportier and slightly more fun than the Accord or the Camry. It packs an upscale feel while still offering robust safety features and a used car price range of $20,000-$30,000—but you can find more affordable deals for pre-2020 models. 
4.        Chevrolet Malibu 
For shoppers who’d prefer to buy an American-made sedan, the Chevrolet Malibu ($15,000-$25,000 for recent pre-owned models) is an excellent mid-sized option. Drivers love its comfy, spacious interior and its classic Chevy feel. 

The Best Used Large Sedans 

Large sedans tend to offer more leg and headroom, increased trunk space, and more powerful engines than their small and mid-sized counterparts. 

5.        Nissan Maxima 
The bigger sibling of the Nissan Altima, the Maxima has been one of the most popular large sedans for years. It looks great, often lasts more than 200,000 miles, and can keep an entire family safe and comfortable. At $20,000-$30,000 for recent pre-owned models, you can’t go wrong with a Maxima. 
6.        Dodge Charger 
At a price point similar to that of the Maxima, the Dodge Charger oozes coolness and power. Another entry in the American-made category, it’s made to be fun to drive—and to get you noticed. You can find Chargers with either six- or eight-cylinder engines and rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. 
7.        Toyota Avalon 
The Toyota Avalon has all the same bona fides as the Camry, but it’s roomier and has a more upscale feel. Also, if you get an Avalon today ($25,000-$35,000), it’s a bit of a collector’s item; Toyota has retired the model, so none have been produced since 2022. (The Avalon’s successor, the Toyota Crown, sells at a slightly higher price.) 

The Best Used Luxury Sedans 

If you have a bit more wiggle room in your budget, you might set your sights on a luxury sedan. There are lots of options in this category from auto makers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Tesla, and Bentley. Here are a few of our favorites at the lower end of the luxury sedan price range. 

8.        Lexus ES 350 F SPORT 
You can find 2020-2022 Lexus ES 350 and ES 350 F SPORT models for around $40,000, making this used car a great value for the amount of luxury, style, and enjoyment that it provides. Its sleek look, 3.5L V6 engine, and legendary Lexus craftsmanship create a memorable driving experience. 
9.        Volvo S60 

New 2024 Volvo S60s start at $43,000, so you can find some great deals on slightly older used models. Volvos are legendary for their safety and reliability—everyone knows that—but the sharp, modern look of the S60 might surprise and delight you. Test drive one to see for yourself! 
10.     Audi A4 
The Audi A4 Sedan is a luxury car that sells in the $30,000-$40,000 range for used models released in 2020 or later. Its style is subtle, relying on a restrained aesthetic that radiates confidence. Of course, the A4 also features the quality, responsiveness, and sports car feel for which Audi is known. 

Interested in buying a used sedan? 

The good news is that there are many terrific options for small, mid-sized, and large sedans, but having so many options can also be overwhelming. Auto Lenders helps make your decision easier by enabling you to compare and contrast sedan models and find great deals in your area—all without leaving your home. See the Auto Lenders inventory today to browse available vehicles, or call at 888-305-5968. 

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